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(09/30/2000•07:41) Ara's Papier Mache tips :) [edit]Archive Message 
by Ara

These are just some little things I picked up in Comm. Arts class and while waiting for a helmet to dry

1. If you don't want ridges on the strip of newspaper, make tiny tears along both edges of the strips. This works well for curved objects.

2.Make the strips go in as many different directions as you can. This'll strengthen it.

3. Don't put flour in your Mache mix (like some people say to do)... it starts rotting and smelling reallllly bad...

4. After it's completely dry, use a coarse sandpaper to make it smooth, getting rid of any bumps or ridges

5. Apply a coat of glue before painting (if you're painting it). Sand out any lumps before painting and be sure to get all the dust off

6. White glue also seems to work instead of wallpaper paste....

7. Glossy Acrylics look good when you paint your project (use tip #5 also)

8. It's harder to get the newspaper strips to stick on masking tape

9. Don't rush

10. Hair dryers can be used, but only if you have to

umm, that's all I can think of ^^

good luck!

(09/30/2000•11:35) Just wanted to say thanx for the tips Ara! (nt) [edit]Archive Message 
by Lord Bacodus

(no text)

(10/01/2000•19:28) *smiles* anytime :) if anyone has anymore, post em! ^^ [edit]Archive Message 
by Ara


(10/03/2000•19:25) Quick question for Ara: [edit]Archive Message 
by Lord Bacodus

Have you made a helmet using William's style? If so do you have any pictures of it?

I made one about 9 months ago, but never got around to taking a picture of it, or adding to the costume...I may try to make my armor out of paper mache instead of cardboard, as cardboard is often hard to work with and falls apart easily...

-Lord Bacodus

P.S.- Actually, one more question: Did the flour that you used in your mix rot before application, when it was still wet, or does your paper mache piece begin to rot after a year or so?

(10/04/2000•15:06) Lord Bacodus- [edit]Archive Message 
by Ara

Well, I started out using William's style, but it was too short, and didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, so I did a quick paint job on it and gave it to my nephew (I'm so generous *grins*). I just started another one last night using one of those huge ice cream buckets (11 litres) and I'm putting the meche strips inside... hope it works I cut off about an inch and a half from the bottom too, and I plan to use that as neck guards or maybe a gorget... not sure yet.

Usually when I do stuff, I use poster board as my base instead of cardboard and then cover it with papier meche, it's not quite as bulky then ^^

It depends how long you leave the mixture before putting it on... hehe though if you refridgerate it, it tends to keep a little better...

My flour mix papier mache dragon is still doing ok, and I made it about a year ago, but I also put a LOT of glue on hehe My friends papier mache pieces have started to smell a little though... And one girl had to throw hers out a couple months later because it was going rancid...

Sorry, I seem to be rambling on, good luck all!

(10/29/2000•05:41) rotting papier mache [edit]Archive Message 
by liz

I'm a novice to this craft. But I read that adding a few tablespoons of salt to paste prevents it from rotting. Hope this helps.

(12/29/2000•13:53) To: Ara [edit]Archive Message 
by Anonymous

Hi, I'm just wondering, when you used poster board, did it collapse from getting too soggy? When I used poster board a year ago, I gave up on making an helmet all together because the poster board and all that stuff fell in. I got pretty frustrated. If it did work with that poster board, how? I'm curious after my 'encounter' with that. Please respond.

! ,Anonymous

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