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(09/09/2007•16:28) Samurai Armor Help [edit]XxIn-My-SightsxX 
Yeahhhh... so for halloween, I wanna start early. I wanna have some type of samurai costume, because im into the samuraiushido stuff. Any help would be nice, and im kinda on a budget, so I would need it to be kinda cheap.

(09/10/2007•17:50) Samurai Armor Help [edit]JeffMan 
What Materials? Wood? Cardboard?

(09/10/2007•17:52) Samurai Armor Help [edit]JeffMan 
For the Kanata you could use wood if you want it to be durable, and Cardboard if you want it too look good

(09/12/2007•13:27) Samurai Armor Help [edit]XxIn-My-SightsxX 
Uh, cardboard is the best choice, but i have no clue how to make it look good

(09/12/2007•13:44) Samurai Armor Help [edit]XxIn-My-SightsxX 
Oh, cardboard or craft foam would be okay, since craft roam only costs like .79 a sheet...
So, ya... theres the materials ill be able to use.

(10/23/2007•17:52) Samurai Armor Help [edit]Sensei 
JUST found this and I hope I can get this info to you in enough time. Certainly you can use it for next year.
This site is to help build REAL armor for guys in the SCA (that group who beats each other with wooden swords in Renaisaance Festivals). However, you can certainly use cardboard in your own costume. Use the links on the left hand side to surf your way through.
Hope this helps ya...

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