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(09/11/2007•16:20) help designing costume [edit]g0ldfishcrackers 
i know its kinda early but me and a friend of mine have been brain storming on costumes that would be funny. well, i came up with the idea of dressing up as a bottle of 5 O'Clock Vodka. the problem is that i cant find any record of someone dressing up as one before. so my request is, if anyone knows where a design or template is could they please show me. and if if doesn't exist would someone be up to the challenge of designing one. if not then no bid deal im sure my friend and i can figure out some way to pull it off. thanks for your time.

(09/11/2007•16:36) help designing costume [edit]JeffMan 
If you want to make it out of cardboard you can take a refigerator box and take a hulahoop and bend the box around the box BUT DO NOT CUT THE BOX if the box is too big for the hulahoop then get a smaller box and make some straps to attach to the hullahoop and so you got weird clown suspenders thing going on, and then you fashon the bottle top out of cardboard and cut a hole for you face and give it a paint job

P.S I am under 21 so I'm assuming that it looks like a BIG glass beer bottle

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