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(09/12/2007•13:47) Witch King costume [edit]XxIn-My-SightsxX 
The Withc King from Lord of the Rings is a choice i would need help with, and if not the Witch King then Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 3 (i think).... any help is sweeeeeet.

(09/12/2007•16:37) Witch King costume [edit]JeffMan 
I went as the Witchking last,last year. For the helmet I Studyed the costume from the movie like 100,000,000 times what I found out is that you need to look at the side and draw that out according to the size of your head, then make a exact replica of the other side by folding the top of the spire of his Battle Mask-Crown to the little things that stick out to his chest then make the spikes out of posterboard by makeing a sortof Ice cream cone thing and Glueing it to the mask wait about 30 min. and apply the next- about 8 spikes one each side of the head One big on the the top and then a smaller one on the bottom

This is one site i Found that was helpful www.steltercreativewoodworks.com

(09/12/2007•20:14) Witch King costume [edit]XxIn-My-SightsxX 
K, is it complicated? because im a 14 year old with no patience whatsoever heh

(09/13/2007•16:40) Witch King costume [edit]JeffMan 
I am also a 14 year old, the work on the costume took me 3-5 weeks including the Gauntlets (armored gloves)

to find a really good pic to to the bottom of the page where it says "News,about,armor,accesories,Xena,forum, users,links,feedback,Home" Click Users and go down until you hit the T"s then look for "The Armorer"
That was my other account until i forgot my password.
Click "The Armorer" and look at my Avatar found it off a armoring website looks pretty cool huh?

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