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(10/23/2007•12:23) Athena, and Hades costume ideas. [edit]Aliciax8 
I pretty much get the fact that you need robes, but I need to cool ideas, my friends and I are doing God's and Godesses.

(10/24/2007•17:55) Athena, and Hades costume ideas. [edit]JeffMan 
well, For Hades, the god of the underworld, you need a cornthian Helmet...(sparten helmet from 300) To make that, well I have no Idea but for the sword or spear, get a piece of wood get a bastard file and get to work! (only 30 min of work got me a full Claymore blade) but you want a Gladius which will require about 10 min of work, after you get the basic shape <----)==0 that is my gladius anywhoo, go down to yer local hardware store and geet some sand paper fine to gritty than get to work! Paint silver, make a cool hilt and ther ye go!

More Ideas on the Helmet later

(10/24/2007•18:02) Athena, and Hades costume ideas. [edit]JeffMan 
heh, 10 seconds later I have an Idea......
Anywhoo, look at 300 at the helmets

Heheh, found it

Anyway, look at the nose slit and the eye holes transfer the shape a piece of posterboard, only the face part not the top of the helmet (curved)

(08/27/2011•10:52) Athena, and Hades costume ideas. [edit]jobertsonclark 
Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, warfare, strength, strategy, female arts, crafts, justice and skill. My daughter said she wants to play as Athena on their classroom presentation. My daughter loves to read about these Gods and Godesses so, she could play that role perfectly. And finding the perfect Athena costume will be my gift for her. Thanks for this post. ancient greek armor

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