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(07/03/2009•03:46) Gargoyle Demona Costum [edit]DeMoNa 
Hello everybody

I search a Costum from an episode "The Gargoyles". I want the costum Demona.

Did u know where I can find an costum or how I could do the costum myself?

Here an example :

Thank u


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(08/02/2009•14:58) Gargoyle Demona Costum [edit]sunstalker 

Skin: You could use a full length spandex bodysuit.

Wings: Get some armature wire and create a basic "skeleton" of the wing then get some material the same color as the skin and wrap it around the skeleton. Sew it together and stuff with cotton. You can use string to tie it to your torso.

Hair: Get a fluffy red wig.

Ears: Get a basic pair of elf ears and use make up to get it to match the costume

gloves: Seeing as how the gargoyles only have 4 digits you will have to make the gloves. Just get some fabric the same color as the bodysuit and lay your hand on it with your middle and ring fingers together trace it and cut it outrepeat 3 more times and sew together.

Feet: Get a pair of high heels and add claws to the front and one to the back of the base shoe and paint the same color as the skin.

Tail: get a piece of fabric the same color as the skin and cut into a cone shape, fold it in half and sew along the open line then stuff it with cotton. You can add belt loops to the tail to attach it to the belt of the costume.

Clothes: You can do this step by cutting up some clothes you may already have or that you find at a second hand store.

Crown: You can buy a plastic crown and modify it to look kike Demona's.

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