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(09/19/2009•15:33) EyeGuy Alien from Ben 10 [edit]IC SPIDERS 
I need help with ideas for making this costume for a 7 year old boy. I think I have the body, pants, feet, and eyes on the body figured out. But I would welcome all help with any ideas you might come up with!

Top Body:I will use an adult sweatshirt with another shirt under it to sew muscle lines and then stuff with filler. The boy's hands will hopefully come to where the Alien's elbows are so I can cut openings there. The Alien's lower arms and hands will be stuffed and just hang.
Pants:Black sweat pants, cut; tailored and stuffed for the muscle look. I was thinking of using reflective tape or duct tape for the bands around the legs(opposed to sewing white bands)....Not sure yet.
Feet:Yellow kitchen gloves, cut and sewed to make the 3 toes. Then attached over boy's shoes.
Eyes on body:I'm planning on making paper mache bowls then painting them green with black pupils. I'm not sure how to execute the black around the eyes or actually attaching them... stitching to the sweatshirt with fishing line??

I need help with ideas for the hands and the mask and if you have any ideas that you think would be better than my current ideas...Let's hear 'em


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