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(10/21/2009•08:24) Rideable 1 man Centaur Costume [edit]rhoyt 
I'm trying to engineer and design a 1 man centaur costume, where people could potentially ride on the back of it. This may be tough. The biggest problem I see is a good support system for the way the back end is attached to me, given the weight that would be on the back end. I figured a good set of wheels for the back legs would be good.

Let me know any ideas or details, all appreciated.

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(10/26/2009•02:27) Rideable 1 man Centaur Costume [edit]haversham 
Wow, this is an incredible idea, I wish I thought of it. Unfortunately it's not the easiest costume to make - you won't be seeing it on any discount halloween costume websites, that's for sure. The wheels and frame I think are not the hard part. You can build the frame out of wood and maybe a plastic barrel for the body. Especially if you want people to be able to ride on it, the hardest part is to rig up a good, solid, comfortable harness for your waist. I have a feeling that if you really want it to last, you might need suspenders or something similar to hold up the rig. You can hide them under a vest or bow/quiver. just something to cover them up because I don't think centaurs wear suspenders.

Good luck getting it set up!

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