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(10/18/2012•06:44) John Mayer Mp3 [edit]Wafalletcat 
O.k., now let's look at some of the more challenging aspects to balance out this picture. [url=http://john-mayer.tk] John Mayer Mp3 [/url] The hominian Organic Structure is frequently the subject of songs and Lyrics these days. Maybe this is because the human Organic Structure can address a comprehensive range of symbolizations and meanings; although presumptively it is a standard topic because of how these Words Take On the subject. Consider the fashionable song “Your Physical Structure is a Wonderland” by John Mayer. The style of the vocal —which fares up several times in the Words itself—is an obvious metaphor. The title and the Words of the song plainly have juicy undertones—how the Organic Structure can be a wonderland is given to one’s imagination. Yet, the Words itself is provable. “Cause if you want love, / We'll make it. / Swim in a deep sea, / Of blankets,” sings John Mayer, and already the listeners know what he is singing about. The Organic Structure continues to be a “wonderland” in other song Lyrics too.

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