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(11/14/2012•07:10) the site surnamed Xie old man, about the scene [edit]Anomai 
Highway law enforcement officers and owners to pulling it
owners are [url=http://www.heelretails.com/]Shoes Christian Louboutin Sale[/url] clinging to the incident

wide bar highway bar Western toll station, the police have been involved in the investigation

events: check two maintenance card conflict


5:00 pm the same day, the site surnamed Xie old man, about the scene at the time, three of them from the side catch to hit here, a person caught a kick another man caught their clothes. traffic enforcement car, reclining rear seats, two young
owners Xiegao Yang said his car for many years and from [url=http://www.heelretails.com/]Christian Louboutin Black Heels[/url] Guangyuan and Pakistan. Immediately after the day of receipt of the driver's phone, he was driving the car and his wife before the
give money
to the toll station weighing charges after the car just left the toll booths, he was stopped by law enforcement officers.

Xiegao Yang recalled, when he and the other a conflict, three other law enforcement officers rushed out immediately rushing to join, because their upper body is tightly hooped, could not move, fists rained fell on him, the right eye has endured a hard punch, some blurred vision, feeling his face wet hand touched, all the blood.
in disarray, he instinctively grabbed the belt of a law enforcement officer, and tightly grabs hold law enforcement vehicles, and then ride together to the hospital.
law enforcement: the other Complain

reasons for the incident, Mao Wei, another argument was injured, The member did not get off the man (Xie Gaoyang) rushing, that wisdom for you to check, check a , not that money do? seized items pole head is touched. owners of conflict, he is

in taking note, and then to see two people fight, they ran and persuasion, clinging to thank the waist from behind, he opened. Xie's face really injured, tried to mediate stained with blood on their sleeves.
district police station police arrived at the scene, after a very long persuasion, Xie agreed to take the law enforcement vehicles to the hospital, reaching the midway, Mao Wei was a group of people hit the talk difficult.
progress: The local police have been involved in the investigation

Xie Gaoyang refused to get off when the law enforcement drive to the hospital, and he thinks the other sincerity is not enough, and only pay 5 dollars linked to a number , even medical expenses are reluctant prepaid, regardless of persuading others, Xie is not always the ward.
this highway law enforcement second detachment of six brigade office tour director said, aware of the issue, the group attaches great importance, he immediately went to Pakistan and from Guangyuan. The brigade's opinion

police investigation, the owner can be pre disbursements, if that they bear no prevarication.
differences were too great due to advance on the issue of the medical expenses, the reporter left the scene in 10:00 that night, the two sides are still deadlocked.
Bazhou Public Security Bureau police station Ping Liang first time rushed to the scene, 11 o'clock that night, under the police to persuade Xie admitted to the ward.
yesterday [url=http://www.heelretails.com/]Christian Louboutin Replica[/url] morning, the Police to ward Inquirer transcripts, the incident is under investigation. WCC reporter Xie Ying

(Figure provided by TSE wife)

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