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(11/14/2012•07:12) The netizens said Education Secretary violations to help his brother commentary [edit]Anomai 
Trainee Reporter Europe Xiao Jing User post broke the Christian Louboutin Replica news that the Secretary for Education in Donghai County, Jiangsu titles reporting violations to help his brother. Deputy Secretary of the Council responded that the declaration must go through layers of audit, there is no Secretary practicing favoritism behavior.
[questioning] is not a
August 21, 2011, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Education Network publicity resume to
originally described in the list on the fringe even for Donghai County, Shan Zuo secondary language teachers, Shan Zuo secondary school teachers flatly denied this person. Shan Zuo secondary schools only a teacher assessment on (except bangs Lian). Such assessment is difficult titles Department of Education as a trifling matter, we are ashamed of ourselves.

users revealed bangs even Donghai County Board of Education Secretary Liu Jin's brother. Brother when Secretary bangs even 'practice deception'
the face of all the users questioned, ID bangs even do not have the conditions for reporting violations to teach senior title. attaches great importance to our bureau, investigation and verification with the the county titles Management department seriously. The investigation, bangs even do not have the relevant conditions, reporting violations in teaching senior title, that is true. Bureau This situation was reported to the City titles Management department, City titles management departments quickly the fringe even Replica apply for appraisal disqualified Christian Louboutin Knockoffs under the circumstances, has.
[Comment] The Shen assessment qualification has been canceled, and related the case is under investigation.
reporter contacted Zhu Liang, Deputy Secretary for Education, Donghai County, claiming to be their friends, something highly serious investigation and verification.
Bureau has been submitted to the municipal titles Management department, the bangs even apply for appraisal qualification has been canceled.

When reporters mentioned netizens questioned Secretary violation declaration titles behalf of his brother bangs even Zhu Liang said the declaration must go through layers of review does not exist Secretary for the fringe even declare.
reporters login of Lianyungang information education, and confirm its public list is no longer the bangs even review information.
subsequent reporter contacted Donghai County Talent Service Center, a staff member confirmed bangs even the Centre deputy director, the deputy director of the office phone to reporters. The reporter working hours call, not yet contacted bangs even.
[users voice]


July 26, Liu Yao publish posts and the county party secretary special approval from the little boy into the court of the President of the Court, reported a low intellectual to enter Guangdong Heyuan City, Dongyuan County Court do civil servants, this man's father was actually the President of the Court, the matter also get special approval of the county party secretary. Exposure by the media, the president of the hospital at the cusp, and his son has been dismissed.
2010, friends broke the news Anhui Lingbi County Organization Vice Minister of the Secretary for the group of violations promoted son as group deputy secretary of the county, the event has aroused strong repercussions in the country a few large sites, do not few people have questioned the official second-promoted memory violations. , According to a media, Anhui Provincial Party Committee Organization Department has Replica Christian Louboutin been involved in the investigation, recent findings will be made to the public.

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