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yesterday, a week ago, the public security the Yanta branch Qujiang New District police station, [url=http://www.heelretails.com/christian-louboutin-peep-toe-c-13.html]Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Replica[/url] police received a clue that, 15 years ago in Henan murder Dongmou now Changle slope opened a sell sheep chop suey restaurant. Qujiang New District police station immediately and Yanta Branch vice squad police posing as the the diners go Dongmou the restaurant View restaurant owner over 30 years old, wearing to the Henan police. The Henan police find the victim's family, allowed to identify, and the final confirmation of the restaurant owner suspects Dongmou. 11 o'clock yesterday morning, the police the plainclothes again went to the restaurant to be brought back to the police station. Dongmou to confess his crime is the murder in Henan suspects.

1995 22 years old Dongmou, when he loves to stir up trouble in the village, and often fight with others, and forged the enemy Hwang. The evening of 22 June 1995, Dongmou encounter one kilometer outside the village on the road to buy fans home yellow two recrimination up. Dongmou recalled, then, Huang smoothly picked up the fan Blade go out into his head whirl his way to avoid fast, is not the name of. He was anxious, out of self-defense with the dagger stabbed to yellow chest. Hwang fell to the ground, covered in blood, Dongmou quickly ran to the train station, bought a ticket the night went to Xi'an. Xi'an soon, he found a job.
instituted 15 years of exile in Xi'an, Dongmou start him wandering around in the vicinity of the station, the fear of being discovered, he did not dare to take the ID card to find a formal job, and can only do some chores. Him day and night in order to forget the past and work to the boss, but still often nightmares.
later end up married, have children, he had to go it alone. Set up stalls selling barbecue and sell casserole, the money I was not earn less, but sent him to a game room, , but only gambling only allow him to forget everything.
repeatedly surrendered saw her daughter abandon

so many years, the Dongmou old home parents cut off contact. The end of August this year, he took over the in Changle slope, a store, Intended earned money to buy a house, and then let the whole family crowded into less than 30 square meters of rented room.
words, Dongmou almost to tears, he said that about 10 years ago, ran into a fellow, he did not know he stabbed a man. He has repeatedly wanted to surrender. Later, with a small daughter, the child behaved, every work for him sitting next to accompany him, not noisy no trouble. He do not have the heart,
yesterday afternoon, at the police station, talking about little daughter, Dongmou tears, p> [url=http://www.heelretails.com/]Christian Louboutin Replica[/url] intern reporter Zhao Ruili Reporter Qing Rong Bo the intern Di Fang

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