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(11/30/2012•06:04) ugg erin blue lpfdirwu [edit]fouppyLox 
UGGs For Sale Therefore, all the fairy tales are not finished.Finished, they changed their name to "life". Sometimes life with TV drama is like, mostly similar plot.The only difference is: TV will have a happy ending, life is mostly a frustrating. People crave intimacy, but people are love distance of the animal. If you jump with friends, travel, no space, do not think that this is a loving act, in fact, the people around you might quietly feeling at ease. Interpersonal unspoken rule is: too unreasonable is an unreasonable. For China, the "science", "love is". Everything only reasonable, is relentless.Ruthless, natural is unreasonable. The woman with a man talk nonsense, hope the elongated man waiting time.

UGG Boots Outlet Like honey to the rice, only embellishment. In life, happiness is very normal, not happy is normal. This is the meaning of life, not happiness, to find happiness. Life is not a dish, let you eat oysters, but in the seafood meal ate oyster, this is a surprise. Sometimes, the white lie, not to make you better, simply, is to let oneself more peace of mind. Read a woman's play up the heart Always listen to side some male friends complained: "do not know a woman this animal, can be rather baffling!She said to me, 'give me advice. Woman, the love can find a free chance. But, what is free?!Those who do not spend money on something, in fact, more expensive! Twenty year old girl hunger for the rich and complex experience.Because it seems very cool.

UGGs Outlet Store If you look carefully around, all those cute girls, mostly have a natural affinity for the smile on your face!She told the world smile is sweet like honey, the world will have her a sweet life. So, don't want to mess up your life, must know how to master the skills of a smile. Love for one year, there is a feeling in gold. Love is two years, and concerto. The love for three years, is more worry more. Love to the countless years, became better meet you miss. Marriage is often more and more strong, more and more love cannot withstand a single blow. They also have their difficulties." Alas!Also eat a deficit. In this world, just like my mother who meet the eye everywhere.Especially women, if can the ruthless under heart to come to each other's smile and sweet words, it's not far away from the God of war be ever-victorious in one's forward march.

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