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(12/10/2012•04:07) Cheyenne -Jason Garrett should be Stripped of his Play Calling duties [edit]pletchereze 
Terry Pluto talks Browns, Cavaliers and Indians - Podcast
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Tracy Boulian/The Plain DealerBrowns' Brandon McDonald reacts after holding the Vikings to no gain on the play during the second quarter of the game between the Cleveland Browns and the Minnesota Vikings in Cleveland on Sunday. The biggest fear of many Cleveland Browns fans smacked them right in the face on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings this looks like the same old Browns.That was the easy conclusion realized by Jim Ingraham of The NewsHerald. Many of the same issues that plagued last year's Browns still haunt this team. Penalties (eight), turnovers (an interception and fumble) and the inability to stop the run help do the Browns in. Just like last year.And just like last year, despite Brady Quinn starting the season as the Browns quarterback, some things never change.
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In prep for practice you're doing cards, you're doing scripts. You're planning your meetings. You're trying to be as efficient as possible with that time. Then you go to practice. You may have a press conference built in somewhere. That eats up some time. Post-practice, you want to review the tape with the players. You may want to look at some things with the staff. You have to prepare for the next phase. Wednesday's are usually first and second down days, but then the next day you're looking at third-down, the focal point there, reviewing the blitzes, things like that. Friday's, so Thursday night you're prepping for Friday, which is red area, goal line, two-minute, short yardage. In each one of those, there are volumes of information.
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work into the receiver and then actually jump into the receiver, as opposed to jump out for the ball. If you jump out for the ball, most receivers push you, which extends it. You want to counter your natural tendency to jump forward. You want to jump back up and in to close his space. There are different phases that you have as a DB. If you're out of phase, it means you're beat. Don't look back, run, just run. If you're in phase, you have to play it that way. You can be out of phase, and you're beat, and then suddenly you're back to in phase, because the guy slows down. That's a totally different read, because he's slowing down, because the ball is there that minute. You could be running full speed, suddenly get back in phase, now you have to play the ball. It's a totally different set of reactions. You work on all three.

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