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(04/08/2013•08:28) Character Management - Business [edit]viktormand55 
The IT landscape is not an easy option technological patch for rectifying defects. Its foray to the world of business has revealed its significance. The business persona has undergone vivid transformations ever since IT has been in the helm. Today IT has to be aligned using your business in lieu of be a mere technological setup to incorporate values in your business operations and still provide powerful support in most aspect. You need tools that really help nurture the wedding between IT plus your business. Governance, Risk and Compliance Companies can better secure privileged accounts and identities by implementing proven processes, procedures and technologies to make sure adherence to the security policies which might be in position. Risk management IAM industry consolidation is the one other threat faced from the companies from setting up a secure environment. Netegrity was bought by Computer associates recently. The companies venturing into protecting their environment will measure the vendors in IAM arena. With these kinds of mergers prevalent, standardization can become a problem. This year a firm that has been predominantly a Microsoft shop committed on buying Oblix. Oblix was acquired by Oracle! - it withdrew due to compliance concerns ' it may you can forget be Microsoft friendly .The only tactic to deal with this uncertainty is : 'Design the organization processes in a standardized way. Thus migration right into a new technology, will demand for little re-architecting.

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