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(06/03/2014•20:23) Shopping China of Cheap Quality Scarves on Pabbos.com-English Taobao Agent [edit]Richardalew 
One way to lift up your look is to wear Scarves. However, many
people end up with a drawer full of Accessories that they will never put on. For the reason that they do not know how to
wear or which one to buy. If you also get these problems, then this scarves guide is for you.

Long Scarves: A long and narrow scarf can circle around the neck with loose ends and it can also be looped into a wrap.
Long Scarves in wool is critical in cold winter. Light long scarves suit well in fall and spring. For a casual look, we
can tie the long lightweight scarf into a knot or bow that hangs loosely on your chest .

Square Scarves: Small square scarves are excellent for knotting around your neck when wearing a Blouse, while larger ones
can be used widely.

Silk Scarves: No matter its shape or size, a silk scarf will add style to any outfit. Most Silk Scarves come with
colorful prints on them, adding excitement to your look. A silk scarf can circle around your neck in cold weather and
around your should when it's warm.

Wool Scarves: If you live in a cold area, you'll need a few wool knitted scarves. You should make sure that your wool
scarves are in colors that coordinate with your winter outfit.

Cotton Scarves: Like silk scarves, cotton can be worn whether it's summer or winter. The key is how you wear it. You can
get year-round wear from these scarves if you move them up from your neck to your head when it gets warm.

What Scarves Will Do for You:

Add texture to a monochromatic outfit: A wool scarf in black to an all-black outfit for a excellent winter look. Try a
Cashmere Scarf in cream color with a head-to-toe cream-colored outfit.

Add a fashion trend to a classic outfit: If metallics in, you're not willing to take too much shine, a shimmery scarf
with your beloved Blouse and Pants is a dash of the trend.

Brighten your face: Tied around your neck, a scarf in a color that flatters your eyes or skin can help you look

Color basic outfit: Basic black is classic, but some green, purple, or orange to your outfit on a bandana or kerchief can
be amazing.

Keep you warm: Of course the principle function of scarves is to keep warm. Choose an appropriate one, you win both
warmth and fashion.

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