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(07/09/2014•01:12) czkcni noooot chzqnn nauczl [edit]ypvdbbhur 
But also so far away, all of a sudden my heart sour, do not know why, think before we know, is far from his birthplace. Once people leave their birthplace far, it will feel more and more unfunded, my heart all the more feel lost, alone. People with social, go no farther with more feel, and feel more outliers, and my heart would inevitably have to be born a wisp of sorrow and grief, this is probably the kind of hint of nostalgia it.
Will pass the winter , just takes time and patience . As each person in the course of life , there are always too many do not like the face of personnel, can not escape , you just have to face and accept .
Spring always go as hurry, summer, always lunged too hurried, I surprise, I began to learn misses. Remember yesterday to sing a song of youth, such as who to Zither cold play? Walk the line goes, approached the quiet, approached the deep, out of the Depression, out of a loss.

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