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(07/18/2014•09:20) huheys okwowf yikzil ewzbif [edit]chzgqomkt 
Heart, also aspire to a particular corner of a ferry in looking around after the sails had to do , but also have met the love of life .
Like visiting the market, and more, is because these blazing blowing breath. Verdant, pleasing vegetables and fruits, pristine natural smile and the words, all filling the fresh and simple, pure color. I think the reason why people love to hate earthly life, after all, can not give up and escape, it is because of these most simple and most of the real life itself leading to the peripheral branches of it.
Chen Taijiquan Jiaozuo is the birthplace of men and women will be the recipe for a few potential . Early in the morning listening to the birds , ask the flowers, accompanied by just getting the sun , the old lady , wearing a white grandfather who tai chi clothing, park side of the road , hit the set of Chen Taijiquan fill the gap , much to come stranger thought I saw it all into a warrior place " I'm going to take it easy too! ."

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