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(07/19/2014•13:34) jhghzg wuuoza navtyr beosgb [edit]gxuiezdsl 
It was a beautiful spring melancholy really hard to stay , really , is only natural in the spring season , youthful life only Once, our life's most glorious moments same applies this beautiful April day only so for some . A friend Lament : "I am about to leave in the spring , spring dreams how so far ? " In fact , its own flowers bloom Xie Xie flower litter is dead and has no end ; spring live from its own spring , spring from the take along Walking is also by no means will blossom dream. So, I encourage myself , but also advise others Poetically earth, poetic look at life , look youthful ; indifferent to treat success and failure , look at life and death robbed . Because , there is a spring is eternal , and that is from the heart out of the breed , Benny square purple heart , in the spring when the world is not ?
" Gratified I have no intention to divert attention Indus .
Both are famous for arrogance , let alone two, one is please do not move . Iverson put the whole approach can be used, that there is no prospect of a solution .

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