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(10/22/1998•14:59) How to age a mummy [edit]Archive Message 
by Aleta

soak the fabric for a while in a strong mixture of black tea

(09/30/1999•05:18) Mummy Costume [edit]Archive Message 
by Mystre

I need to make a realistic mummy costume this year. Any suggestions on making it look real? I don't want to spend a ton of money, but do want to win the costume contest!

Important question: How do you wrap yourself (male and female) so that you can still go to the bathroom? Gotta be able to drink and eat also.


(04/11/2000•22:44) mummy [edit]Archive Message 
by ray hyatt

just happen by this message and thought of this idea .i know if you were to wrap your self in ace badeges that might get tricky but only use the streteach were you need it . but sew the ace bandages on apair of jeans or even a pairo overals if you have some like painters were preferably white or paint strips on the overals if you cant affor that.i think you can come up with some idea for the head part and of corse you can always wrap your feet in ace badages. hope i could be of some help.

(10/08/2002•02:09) mummy the right way [edit]Archive Message 
by dan

use a tan body suit and leggings.... tare a sheet into strips.... soak the strips in black tea... put on the body suit and leggings on and then wrap the strips..... use just a dab of glue every couple inches just to hold it so you can take the leggings and body suit off.... then use a needle and tread to attach the strips so they will stay.... let the body suit strips hang a lil to cover the top of the leggings

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