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(10/22/1998•17:28) 'Something I all did by myself'She said reluctantly... [edit]Archive Message 
by Jessica

Okok.This is maby something not so unusal,but the way I did t,you'll maby change your mind...

It all started about the first of October.I kept telling to myself:'Do I want to pass Halloween?Maby.But think about all the work it will take to decide wich costume to take.' 'Cause,y'know,taking the same one from last year is like...Out fashioned.So,about every week-end,I tryied,but not succeded,to go at stores that are recomended as top one's to choose costumes.Just last week,I felt like giving up,when dad had the most collest idea.Make my own costume.So, that's what I did.But first,I wanted to be the most unusual one of my school.('Cause I know, it's kinda popular for certain places.)So I stared to do some sort of calculations and came up with the anwser:Cowgirl.Ok.Know I know that you think it's boring and has nothin' unusual,but I bet the hole(little) town is not going to have one.So anyways,I decided I didn't need to shop much,so,take my overalls,plad shirt,buy a blond wig,cow-boy hat,toy guns and presto!:Your own cow-girl(don't foret the wig if your going to be a girl).'Lot of work,but worth it.Im not telling anyone what im going to be.

Already,I just can't wait till another exiting Halloween like I pass every year.


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