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(09/02/1999•24:57) Stiff stuff... [edit]Archive Message 
by Michael Dingler

Is there a way to 'stiffen' the armour, i.e.

make it more sturdy? The description of the

helmets said something about 'speckling paste'.

Does the armour still retain some amount of

flexibility or does the paste get quite brittle?

(maybe some kind of plastic, as the one used

on motorcycle helmets?)

Or maybe you could use some other material than basic cardboard. It's just that plastic is hard to mould and I don't even want to talk about real metal...

(09/19/1999•12:48) Stiffening + flexibility [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

Unfortunately, speckling paste does make it vulnerable to cracking. Now, if you can form fit the cardboard first, you won't be in much danger from cracks -- especially if you put a good number of coats of polyeurethane. There's probably other types of materials you can try -- maybe some type of rubber sealant. The best bet is to head off to your local hardware superstore and just browse for materials.

Other materials to try: I was thinking about cutting patterns out of vinyl. (Think the non-spongy mouse pads.) Vinyl from my experience is very hard to paint so working with the color the vinyl comes in is a good idea. Perhaps instead of painting, you go the direction of adding decorative items like buttons and buckles and laces and so on.

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