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(10/06/1999•05:48) Halloween costume [edit]Archive Message 
by Sally Smith

Every year my sister and I do the pillow people. Or little people. Take a big pillow case. Draw a face on it. Pull it over to your waist. That is the pillow people's shoulders. Then take a shirt and button the neck around your waist. We fill in the arms with rolled up towels. Pin on some gloves. Your pants waist will go around your knees. Put a pillow behind your knees inside the pants. Cut the pants off ofcourse. My sister is the girl and I am the boy. We have changed to Mexicans this year. But always looking for new ones. Just try it. It is a blast. We have taken first in every contest we were in. We laugh harder than the people watching. By the way cut some eyeholes in the eyebrows of the pillow case. Good luck. Sally

(03/19/2005•18:35) Halloween costume [edit]trixyloupwolf 
do u have picture..........
i have won i lots of halloween costume too...
i like going to halloween party and win......

need other idee well just tell me

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