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(10/06/1999•06:38) Scuba Diver [edit]Archive Message 
by Lu

A few years ago I was a scuba diver!

I wore black stretch pants and a black turtle neck as the base.

I took 2, 2 liter soda bottles, wrapped them in tin foil and used black electric tape to hold them together.

I used stiff cable wire, taped it to to the soda bottles and had them come up over my shoulders bending up towards my chin.

Then I taped the 2 wires together and attached a binki as the mouth piece.

I made my hair look wet, had a mask on my head, and wore flippers on my feet.

Now you need the details for the costume....

Don't forget to make a weight belt. Cut card board squares and wrap in tin foil. You could cut a slits in the center and then loop a belt or string through it.

I used sponge fish and had them hanging from my waist on string.

And best of all you need to get some seaweed from the beach and decorate yourself with it all over.

I was a compfortable and cheap costume to make.

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