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(10/06/1999•07:11) Cloud / Sheep [edit]Archive Message 
by Lu

Here is a great costume that is cheap to make but needs to be made in advance.

Be a cloud!


- 2 poster boards

- pillow fill

- lots of glue - Elmer's School Glue

- hat

- old t-shirt

I took 2 poster boards - 1 for the front and the other for the backside.

Tie them together using string or something at the shoulders. You will need to protect the holes on the poster board so the string doesn't rip through the poster board.

Take the glue and spread it on the poster board, then start to begin to glue the pillow fill. Do this over and over again - make it as puffy as you want.

Take an old hat and glue the fill on, same as above.

Cut squares out of the old t-shirt - big enough to cover the shoes you plan to wear. Then cut a slit in the square so you can slip your foot through.

Glue the fill all over the sqaures and let dry. If this won't stay on your feet good I think I took elastic bands overlapped the the material and stapled it. Quick save!

I wore white thermals and white turtle neck under.

This outfit is comes out awesome but remember to do a few days before wearing, it needs time to dry. The wet glue can get heavy and fall off if not dried.

You will end up being a CLOUD with a cloud on your head and 2 clouds on your feet.

My friends also thought I looked like a sheep, so which ever you want to be!

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