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(10/06/1999•16:21) brunhilda aka large size viking maiden [edit]Archive Message 
by clicker

how can you make the helmet with the horns? and what kind of armor is it?

(10/23/1999•01:20) Vikings [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

Welp, first there's the idealized image of Vikings. Minimal armor (some chain or scale mail at best), plenty of furs, furry boots, horned helmets, etc. To get a good image of this, I'd take a look at the various Hercules/Xena fansites -- there were a few episodes where Norsemen were prominent players.

Now how to create? Well, the armor's not really that important. Get some 'barbarian-type' clothes (again, look at various Hercules/Xena screenshots), a big battleaxe and a horned helmet. You've now captures the image we have today of Viking warriors.

The helmet -- you can follow the same instructions I showed for my other helmets. The difference is mainly in the shaping -- instead of doing a round dome on top, you would want to shape a cone instead. Easily way to do this would be to *FOLD* the strips which forces a point at the top. Cut a bit, tape a bit, apply some paper mache + paster and you've got the basic cone shape. The horns -- you will have to do a bit of work there. They can be constructed out of cardboard+paper mache+plaster also but it'll take some ingenuity to attach and balance the weight. Sorry I can't give you more details but it's a trial and error process for me.

Now if you want the historical Viking look, they basically look like most other warriors of the dark ages. Think about it -- you're facing against people w/ big kite shields and chain mail and so on -- you think you can beserker through them just wearing some furs? In fact, the Normans who settled northern France (and consequently conquered England) were in fact Vikings. This look might be harder because chain mail is a torturous job to create. (Other than say using a meshy fabric to cheat.) But you'd have a good conversation piece all night: 'Nope, Vikings did not wear ABC, XYZ, etc...'

(10/23/1999•01:22) Another good source for imagery [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

Find photographs of various Wagner operas. Check out websites like the Metropolitan Met.

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