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(10/21/1999•21:50) Knights detail [edit]Archive Message 
by John

I was looking at the pictures of your armour from cardboard,fantastic idea that looks great,but was trying to figure out how you did the intricate designs on the 'metal plates'? Looks like black swirl patterns or something of that nature. Are you willing to share the tecnique? Great job on your site, Thanks for the tips you already gave out. My 7 yr old son is set on being a knight. Sincity sinner :>)

(10/23/1999•01:06) Armor Details [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

All done with paint. Grab a paint brush, some metallic acryllic paint and randomly throw down patterns. I didn't use any set design -- what I went by was spacing. I'd first lay down random lines and swirls, then I'd let my eye determine whether the spacing was correct or not. The key is that if you varying the spacing correctly, you end up with random details that make up a sub-unit -- and then grouping the sub-units together makes up the overall design. (And if you stare long enough, you can find objects appearing amidst the patterns.)

(10/21/2000•17:15) But what about us artisticly impaired??? ;) [edit]Archive Message 
by Ara


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