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(04/10/2000•23:35) samurai costume-kimono? or armor [edit]Archive Message 
by ross

any ideas?

i'm in a play where i am supposed to wear something like they would have worn in SHOGUN.

Will make it if i have to, buy it if i can afford it!


(05/17/2000•09:55) That was going to be my next project... [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

...unfortunately work got int the way.

The only thing I can say is do a lot of research. That's what I do in the beginning -- I actually go to the library (gasp), grab books on armor and start putting down on paper what I like. Then at the end, I put it all together in a predesign.

(10/28/2000•10:50) Samurai Kimono [edit]Archive Message 
by J.J.

Me too, I need a costume design like that. However, be warned: Jo-Ann Fabrics has a pattern they sell which is JUST a kimono, which is the type that would be worn in modern days. Samurai kimonos worn in 'the day' are a lil more fancy.

(05/18/2005•19:15) Samurai Kimono [edit]zoro 
segmenta my firend thats what thewor cuppled with the one peace cheast plate good luck

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