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(04/12/2000•16:04) How will cardboard not over fold or crease? [edit]Archive Message 
by Anonymous

I just can't figure out how cardboard will not make a deep crease when it is folded. Can you help? I'm really intrested in armor and such.

(05/17/2000•09:58) Cardboard folds... [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

You can avoid it in certain situations where you fold along the grain and do so in multiple locations to create an arc. But in most other cases, you will have a crease -- you just have to design your costume with the creases in mind. Example, accent the crease with paint.

(10/24/2000•12:07) How get cardboard to bend easily [edit]Archive Message 
by Wireframe

If one side of the cardboard is not going to be showing then your can tear the outer layer off that side. This makes it much more flexible.

(12/17/2000•11:29) Thanx [edit]Archive Message 
by Anonymous

Thanks alot for the help, I know I responded way back.


(10/06/2004•18:37) Thanx [edit]Dox 
You might try getting it a little damp. Perhaps lock it int eh bathroom with the shower set as hot as it will go. The steam may soften it up a little and it may harden again when it dries back out. Just don't get it to wet or it will wrinkle.

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