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(05/17/2000•19:23) I Need Ideas On How to Make A Roman MUSCLE Cuirass [edit]Archive Message 
by Anonymous

Does anyone out there have any ideas on how to make a muscle cuirass (one whole piece, chestplate with a muscle chest). I really need it, HELP!!!

(05/18/2000•14:09) Muscle Cuirass [edit]Archive Message 
by Lord Bacodus

Actually the real Romans never wore those, they wore the Lorica Segmenta as William stated on the armor site... The thing I can think of short of making yourself a vacuform is trying to shape the look of the muscles on top of cardboard with paper mache....Hope that helps...

(05/19/2000•14:48) I Agree [edit]Archive Message 
by Jack

I agree with anonymous, totally.

(05/22/2000•14:01) Untitled [edit]Archive Message 
by Lord Bacodus

Only in Eastern Rome late in the Empire... But if you insist on making one, I'm not going to stop you... My suggestions are what they were posted above

(01/16/2001•15:30) True... [edit]Archive Message 
by John

Muscled cuirasses were used almost exclusively by the greeks. Lorica Segmentata is much easier to make, and was used by the Romans for centuries because it IS so easy to make, protective, and flexible.

I can make muscled cuirasses, but only out of metal, so I doubt I could help you...

(09/19/2006•15:50) muscle cuirass [edit]splodgeman 
I know this is an old thread, but I have just made a muscle cuirass and it's easy and simple and cheap.

1 - Put on an old tight t-shirt
2 - Get someone to wrap you in Duct tape until the tshirt is stiff.
3 - cut up the sides so you can get it off
4 - paper mache your muscles on
5 - put elestic strips along the shoulders and sides

there you have a muscles cuirass that fits you perfectly.

Hope this helps someone

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