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(08/05/2000•14:32) Hocus Pocus costumes [edit]Archive Message 
by Carie

I have been searching everywhere on the internet in hopes of finding costumes that resemble those worn by the 3 witches from the movie Hocus Pocus. If anyone knows where to find rare costumes please e-mail. Thank you!

(05/30/2002•10:22) Hocus Pocus [edit]Archive Message 
by Janet

I have been searching for the same thing. Have you found anything?

(08/03/2002•20:06) hocus pocus [edit]Archive Message 
by ashley

I too have been looking for the same thing and i am getting so tired of not finding it. If you've found anything, please let me know

(10/01/2002•20:07) Hocus Pocus [edit]Archive Message 
by Racquel

I need help also. I've looked everywhere on the internet and I can't find anything but baby witch costumes!! Please tel me if you find anything asap

(10/11/2002•12:31) hocus pocus [edit]Archive Message 
by amanda

My mother, sister, and i looked everywhere as well. we had no luck. we eventually just went to wal-marts fabric section and checked out all their patterns. and we peiced all of our dresses together with differant patterns.

My mom who was winnifred, dyed her short hair orange and put tiny rollers in her hair to create kinks. we then fluffed it up with a hair brush. we found a mouth piece at party city, and some bright red lipstick and created her mouth. we found long glow in the dark nails and some funky gothic jewelry and donned on some pionted toe black boots. we looked outstanding.

My sister who was mary dyed her hair an egyptian plum and used tons of hairsrpay, gel, bobbypins and patience to make her hair look like mary's. we stuffed pillows in her dress, which was made extra large for this purpose.

I was sara. i dyed my hair blonde, rolled my hair, brushed it untl it was waves, then sprayed it with hair spray. I used blue contacts. and painted my face pale white and put dark circles around my eyes. Trust me, with everything above and a good push-up bra for sara, you'll be an exact replica.

(10/24/2002•19:59) hocus pocus [edit]Archive Message 
by amanda

the blonde witch coustume is at party city for 30 something bucks

(10/27/2002•13:25) mee tooooo!!! [edit]Archive Message 
by trina

My 2 best friends and I have searched for the past month and have foubd nothing, costume shops, rentals, the internet, we have even checked disney and hollywood studios! If anyone finds anything please let us know ,, ill do the same thanks , Trina

feel free to email

(11/17/2002•15:21) Help! I need some good ideas for hocus pocus costumes....(from the walt disney m [edit]Archive Message 
by Jess

My friends and I are going to a costume party and we need some easy ideas for the three witches in hocus pocus! Thanks


(09/28/2003•13:50) Help! I need some good ideas for hocus pocus costumes....(from the walt disney m [edit]TheaterPrincess 
Hmm..wow, I've been looking all day for those darned costume. ACTUALLY, I've been looking for plain movie stills. I couldn't fine any thing ANYHWERE!

Anyways, I will be in a scene from Hocus Pocus, where I will be playing Winnie. HOWEVER, I am looking for a costume, or picture of Allison (Vinessa Shaw) when she's at her house, wearing the medieval dress. If I can't actually find it, I'll be making it. I just need a picture!!! If anybody knows of a place where I can find out, please help me out. Thanks!

(10/09/2003•08:36) Fan Club [edit]wyu 
There's an online fan club at:


No images from the main links as far as I can see but there might be pics posted in the Forum.

(07/03/2004•12:10) Fan Club [edit]pynk_rose 
I found a couple of stills in google. I don't know if they'll work for anybody if you're going to make them. I'm looking for the costumes myself. I hope this helped.

(07/17/2004•06:54) Fan Club [edit]wiccaryan 
i have looked evrywhere to try and find a website where they seel replicas of winnies book of spells my email is wiccaryan@hotmail.com could somone email me if thye find anything

form wiccaryan

(10/05/2005•15:32) Fan Club [edit]stacey 
Could someone please e-mail if thet find anything remarkable to the three withches in hocus pocus

(10/09/2005•10:33) Fan Club [edit]lynda 
Hey ladies, my friend just called and said there is a dress that would be awesome for the Hocus Pocus costume at TARGET! I have yet to see it, but try there. Good Luck!

(10/25/2005•18:04) All kinds of costumes in Hangzhou Mingda Textile Dress Co.,Ltd. [edit]sula_wang 
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