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(08/08/2000•09:06) Centaur costume pattern [edit]Archive Message 
by Kedenn

Here is a strange one....my granddaughter thinks I can so ANYTHING...which I can pretty much if I put my mind to it...but this one has my goat. She wants to be a centaur for holloween. Anyone know where in the world I can get a pattern for a centaur...or at least a stuffed horse pattern that I could enlarge and stuff? I will only be at this e-mail address until Aug 10 and then it will be kedenney48@juno.com. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(10/17/2002•22:26) centaur pattern?!??! [edit]Archive Message 
by Doug Bonnell

I want too be one for Halloween too or a Satyr (1/2 man 1/2 Goat please get back too me SOON!!!!!! please thanks so much =D


(09/05/2004•10:47) centaur pattern?!??! [edit]Gambie 
I need a horse pattern

(10/20/2004•21:09) centaur pattern?!??! [edit]Marie 
Wow, I thought I was the only one crazy enough to try making this costume. I found a few sites that give basics on all types of animal costumes, but nothing for a horse. I'm currently making this costume. I have only ten days, but have already made the frame. I bought my supplies at home depot and Joann Fabrics. I personally don't think you need a pattern if you're creative enough. I bought: bendable metal (approx. 2in by 64in) with rivets (holes) all down the center (so bolting pieces on would be easy), nuts and bolts, small chicken wire 19 guage, 1 inch thick foam (Joann's) and brown short fur for the top part of the body and thicker brown fur for the waist and lower legs. I'm using a synthetic ponytail from a wig store to give the tail a realiztic look. Right now I have the frame done. I simply started by bening one long strip starting at the lower part of my back and bent it gently to form the top part of a horses back, all the way down to it's rear end. I then used two other metal strips and crossed them and bolted them just at the highest part where the thighs would be. Once you get a sturdy basic frame, you then form the chicken wire over it and secure it all together. I use metal wire and twist it with pliers. I then formed the legs and just attached them to each bar (leg). Then I fit the foam all around it and shape the horse. You can double it up and glue it in areas where certain leg muscles will be. If the foam you get is thicker, you can just shave areas off with a razor or electric knife, which is quite easy. Then simply take measurements of your form and copy to the fur. If you get long fake fur, it hides a lot mistakes. For the hooves, I used a very thick pleather from the fabric store and pounded snaps into each so they would fasten in the back. So far, it looks great. One additional idea is to make sure you use cotton leggins for under the costume. You would build up the leggins by attaching the foam right to the leggins. Make sure they're heavier so nothing irritates your legs. Right now I'm contemplating changing the legs out so they have joints and can somehow move. Very difficult and I'm struggling with ideas on how to make it work. That's all the info I can offer you right now. If anyone else out there has any pointers or suggestions, I'd sure love to hear about it. It's obvious people on this site are into making their OWN costumes. This is great. Good luck.

(11/19/2004•22:03) centaur pattern?!??! [edit]horellana 
I was wondering if anyone has a pattern for a Centaur? I'm trying to create one for Halloween 05 and I want to start not to insure I have all the right items needed to make this work (ie moving legs, horns, fur, contacts.) my e-mail is himberito@yahoo.com




(10/18/2007•13:56) satyr [edit]sha 
help!! can someone out there make one of these satyr costumes. I need it before 10/28/07 it's for a size 12 child

(09/10/2004•23:12) centaur pattern?!??! [edit]Nightmare 
I make centaur and satyr costumes. If anyone is interested, I do commissions. I also have been working on other related creatures such as gargoyles, dragons and werewolves. I have made many working models of the first two even ones that preform well in LARPing environments. Feel free to e-mail me at azaethrose@hotmail.com and to check out my blog at zaethrose.blogspot.com for pictures of my work!

Hope to hear from you soon!


UPDATE: I currently still make the centaur and satyr costumes. My most recent endeavor is to make a centaur costume with moving back legs. I should have a working model up and running soon. Please keep in mind, if you are interested in commissioning a costume from me, its best to contact me early if you are looking for it in time for Halloween. Usually I continue to except commissions up to 2 weeks before Halloween, anything after that I can not promise to have it ready in time. Thanks!

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