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(09/05/2000•14:15) CLASSIC Godzilla Costume?? [edit]Archive Message 
by Ron

My son wants to be Godzilla for Halloween 2000, but really prefers the classic version over the Hollywood '98 Version. Plus, he was the Hollywood version two years ago.

I have found one site that offers some rough advice on constructing a Godzilla costume from scratch, but I could use any ideas that are out there.

I've never tried to make a costume before, but I do have a good bit of patience to make an attempt. I also want to try to add some cool special effects like steam for Godzilla's fire breath and a sound chip for the roar.

Yes, I'm insane, and if there's a classic Godzilla costume out there that I can buy, I may go there too.

My son is 6 and can where a size 8 - 10 outfit.

Hope someone out there can help.



(10/21/2000•23:35) Godzilla Costume [edit]Archive Message 
by dkendryna

Can't help you w/ original Godzilla costume, but am looking for Hollywood version for 6 year old son myself. Would you consider selling/renting?

(01/04/2001•15:03) How to make a godzilla costume [edit]Archive Message 
by Arie Cohen

Hello Ron,

I was wondering if you had any luck with a Godzilla costume for your son last year, I am looking to find or make one for myself, could you give me the website address that showed you how to make one?


Arie Cohen

(09/03/2002•15:48) Re: Godzilla Costume [edit]Archive Message 
by cherie

they have them listed on ebay

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