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(09/19/2000•18:46) Chain mail link idea's please? [edit]Archive Message 
by Nick

I want to make a suit of chain mail (fake, of course), but can't find a lightweight, cheap material for the links. If anyone could help, it would be great.

(09/22/2000•23:07) Cheap Chain Mail [edit]Archive Message 
by Lord Bacodus

This may work, or it may not. I've been thinking of trying it, but haven't had the time.

Fire place shields, the ones that are like metal linked curtains that slide against the top, seem to look like chain mail if applied properly. I suggest looking for a new one, or even checking out a scrap yard or garage sale...Just make sure you rust proof or clean it first.

It won't look really authentic or accurate unless you get lucky enough to find some that have more circular links.

That's all I can think of for now...

Lord Bacodus

(10/01/2000•17:36) need help? [edit]Archive Message 
by zoe

you could use silver wire,it's not too heavy or

too expensive,however it may take a long time

to make.

I don't know how much they charge for zinc or

nickel,but they are much lighter than silver.

As anoher option,you could use tin foil and pipe


hope i was some kind of help,good luck


(10/12/2000•13:49) Fake Chainmail [edit]Archive Message 
by Puffinslayer

I once used a sweater-dress. Look in vintage clothing stores and see if you can find a loosely knit sweater, dye it black, and then apply a silver coat on top of that.

It actually looks pretty good, is fairly cheap, and suprisingly comfortable.

(10/15/2000•18:00) Chainmail [edit]Archive Message 
by Ara

Well, what I'm doin this year, is actually making chainmail... yes yes, I know, I'm crazy


instead of using a drill to wind the wire though, I might just wrap it myself, since I'll only be making sleeves and a partial coif...

(11/05/2006•17:58) Chainmail [edit]The Armorer 
True, Making teh Chain Maille Is Tedious but are you as crazy as me? I'm Making A Full Hauberk and Coif and Leggings and then the Surcoat and then the Shield and then the Helmet and then the Padded jack underneath all that! Just Tell Me I'm Not Crazy. Although your Costume is a very Ambitious Project for a beginer.
Also Nick, Making Chain Maille Isnt very hard You Just have to be prepared to lose Your Fingerprints (Rub em' Clean Off) And your Sanity unless you use the Famous 4-in-1 Weave, But Be Prepared To still lose your Finger prints, Altough You could Just Use a Loose Knit Sweater and Spray Paint it Metalic. By the Way Metal Hauberks only weigh 20 Pounds, And If You got the Skill one of those can go for $350 Easy on Ebay

The Armorer

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