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(10/15/2000•18:18) best costume I ever made [edit]Archive Message 
by Jim

This is the best costume I ever made. I'm a real Halloween nut and go overboard every year. Have received numerous awards. The best is one I tried out 4 years ago....'leaf Man' or 'swamp creature' is what most people called it. Takes a bit of work (and safety) in building it. Buy a 'tyvek' jumpsuit with hood and footies, and a 18' square of black net. Go out and collect some large oak leaves, unbroken, about 3 garbage bags full. Buy contact cement (about a gallon-cheaper). The best place for doing this is a garage with no flames, put plastic on floor, need a lot of room, open garage door a bit for vent. use paint brush to 'paint one side of suit and then have leaves layed out evenly on large plastic sheet. dip brush in glue then pull out and swirl it around to have strings of glue land on leaves. As soon as glue starts to set up, start at bottom of suit and one at a time stick leaves (overlapping-the closer the better) on with stem aiming toward head...when done with that side let set for an hour or so and turn over on fresh plastic and do the same on the other side.....staple net on hood for face and carefully do the same with the leves on net.

the first year I did this I was mobbed by people asking questions and telling me it was the BEST costume anyone had ever seen...... In a few places we went, just walking in we got standing ovations....almost everyone said something....(Never had to pay for drinks)

(10/29/2000•13:34) Good imagination [edit]Archive Message 
by Scream'n Demon

Would you happen to have a picture of your costume? If so I would like to see it. My email is lalvidrez@hotmail.com

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