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(10/17/2000•10:19) ancient egyptian god, any ideas? [edit]Archive Message 
by quimby30

i was thinking of being the ancient Egyptian god of the dead Anubus, who has the head of a jackal. Can anyone think of anyway to make a jackal mask? thanks for any help to all.

(10/17/2000•21:06) Hope this helps. [edit]Archive Message 
by Paladin

Well, the mask might be tricky but since the Egyptian drawings are so simple, it should be pretty easy. First, take a mask, it could be those hockey masks. Than, clump up newspaper and form the snout by kind of squashing it and roughly molding it. Than get paper strips dipped in wallpaper paste and papier mache it. Smooth it out and get the design right by putting more layers and pushing down on the newspaper clump that you glued on the mask. Than you can shape collars and stuff out and go through the same procedure. Than you can spray paint the whole thing or use acrylic paint. Than use some paint finisher and do the whole thing. It should look great. If you need some pictures, I know a few sites, they are: http://www.pantheon.org/mythica/areas/egyptian/



Well, hope the idea will help, you can also squash up some clumps to form even more stuff such as ears. The ears can be made by getting a headband for girls, putting a molded news paper clump on.

(PS: you can wet the newspaper and it might be easier to mold, also I haven't tried this idea myself.)

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