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(10/17/2000•18:40) Help with a Hammer Costume! [edit]Archive Message 
by Mom C.

My son has chosen to be a Hammer of all things!! Yes, the tool , not the song & wrapper!

Has anyone out there every made a costume such as a hammer? If so, looking for advise from others! By the way, my son is a Preschooler.

Hoping to hear something.....

Mom C.

(10/18/2000•23:39) Hammer [edit]Archive Message 
by Tina

Well a hammer a fun idea, and i dont think it is that hard to make either.

First you make a hat like the hammerhead. You can use an old baseballcap as a base. then carve a hammershaped thing out of some foam rubber or some expanded polystyrene or some other light material and paint it black or grey. Then put it on the cap

For the body you can make a long and stright dress in light brown and paint some stribes in a darker brown to make it look like wood.

I hope you can yse this idea and wish you a scarry halloween


(10/23/2005•11:36) Hammer [edit]hamer help 
Did you ever make this costume? My boyfriend and I are trying to be a hammer and nail for halloween and cannot figure out how to make a hammer top. If anyone has ideas... it would be appreciated.

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