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(10/17/2000•20:23) Charlie's Angels [edit]Archive Message 
by Nikki

My two friends and I want to be Charlie's Angels for Halloween but we don't know what to wear so that people know who we are. Already, our hair color is naturally red, brown, and blond like the Charlie's Angels but we want to know what else to wear. Please send advice.

(09/27/2002•24:36) charlies angels [edit]Archive Message 
by Theresa

My friend's and I are going to do the exact thing. My one friend is asian and she is wearing a black tube top, and black leather pants (really tight) and getting a black belt so it looks like she is wearing a full jumpsuit. All of us might do those same things. If you could think of any ideas that would be really cool if you would send them my way. Thanks a bunch.

(09/27/2004•08:22) charlies angels [edit]TRH Girls 
Two of my Friends and I are ALso going as Charlie's Angels we were thinking of dresssing up like them in the first scene of the new one movie{Black jumpsuit, Army outfit, and the white outfit). We need help on Ideas how to make them. Please HELP! Thanks a Bunch!!!

(10/20/2004•10:17) charlies angels [edit]chent 
We did the "original" Charlie's Angels a few years back. We won for most creative.

(07/31/2005•08:27) charlies angels [edit]alicat 
me and two of my friends want to dress up like charlies angles. We have no idea to wear. We want to look almost exactly like them. The outfits we want need to show our stomachs. If you have any outfit suggestion please email them to me.

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