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(11/22/2000•10:15) Im making a movie....... [edit]Archive Message 
by Teron DarkScar

Well im making a low budget ametuer movie, and like you all ive got some good ideas, but im dealing witha bunch of primitive medieval stuff. I found a great way to make swords out of steel, as well as spears and some armor, but Im braindead on how to continue, armor designes? I dont have a clue, this isnt like a Braveheart like thing, there is armor......right, well any help would be.....helpful.

ps im building a site, can i link this page to it, if anyone even reads this thing.

(11/26/2000•15:38) im makin a movie.... [edit]Archive Message 
by Teron

Im makin a movie, as i pointer out, and i noticed your weapone section could use some help,jk. But ive found these more rewardable than anything.Try taking an aluninum broom stick, and flattining it out til you have a nice steel blade, it works good.Usea bike grip for a handle, and try using coat hangers wrapped in duct tape( bent to some hilt shape) and glue it on. Use those wooden blocks you can find everywherer and get the triangles and use them for spearheads, a little chrome paint goes a long way.But as for armor, i need help, help me out will ya?

(11/26/2000•17:35) Movie [edit]Archive Message 
by Lord Bacodus

I might be able to help but I need you to answer a few questions first:

Is your movie historical or fantasy?

Do you need plans for armor, or just ideas?

How many pieces do you need?

What exactly IS your budget?

-Lord Bacodus

(11/27/2000•14:04) Well [edit]Archive Message 
by Teron

Its fantasy, no english or roman stuff,im looking for like realy primitive stuff and bascically im workin with you, if youd like to send me some plans thatd be great but its up to you, so if you can help me thats great. There isnt really a budget we are just lookin now, then after this is takin care ov we look for budget.As for peices, dont bother with it. Il work that out.

(11/27/2000•14:09) Oh and by the way [edit]Archive Message 
by Teron

Oh and one other thing, i have a king, a tyrant, a seer(dont bother) and a dark elvin wizard, a light elvin wizard.They both wear cloaks. so mainly breastplate.But the tyrant should be menacing like spikes. If you have any ideas they would be gladly accepted

(11/27/2000•18:18) Check your email Teron [edit]Archive Message 
by Lord Bacodus

(02/24/2005•18:57) how do i make preditor claws shoot out of gaunts? [edit]homeboy guy 
look at eyewitness books ..... good luck on the movie !

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