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(12/12/2000•22:53) 1 In NEED of a Beautiful, Realistic Sword!!!! [edit]Archive Message 
by SirLancelot

Hi, I need help on my movie, I have been thinking about this for so long. I've finally decided I have to make a sword that looks luxurious like the Excaliber.

I don't know if this would help but I can tell you a summary of my plot. There are a band of knights that are trying to protect their country that's being invaded by a POWERFUL king with a HUGE army. Of course, since the knights only have a few people they need to find a mysterious sword with magical powers to help them defeat the evil King. Any kind of help would be appreciated!

(PS: The sword must look glorious with lots of engravings and decorations, I don't know what I can do abou this. I don't have a budget for those who want to know, I just need to make one but the cheaper the better!!)


(12/17/2000•11:27) I Don't Know... [edit]Archive Message 
by PaLaDiN

Well, it's quite simple, JUST GO OUT AND BUY A SWORD. A real ONE. Get it, a ReAl SwOrD. Duh. Ok, if you can't, than DoN't MaKe the MoViE! Think of something else that doesn't involve a sword that's glorious with lots of engravings and decorations.Oh, by the way, umm...

Real swords to cost alot, but if you can't AfFoRd 1, than don't make the movie!

That might just help SirLancelot!!!!


(01/18/2001•18:20) A Beautiful, Realistic Sword! [edit]Archive Message 
by Fox

Hi, I found a couple of sites on latex weaponry. They're light and realistic. Not only that, they're expensive! Well, maybe not. But you can make them yourself with not as much money. They are the best on the market of fake weaponry. I'll give you a few sites to get started on. They teach you everything!


This site is Kincheap, I posted it so you can get an idea of what latex weaponry looks like. They have swords and everything. The one on the bottom is also a latex equipment vendor.


The ones below are tutorials on making latex swords and stuff.



This one is not on latex weaponry but it tells you how to make cheap swords.


That's all I have, but if you want more sites, just search on Go.com. Put latex weaponry or swords.


(10/18/2003•03:07) A Beautiful, Realistic Sword! [edit]Kain_Highwind 
paladin, are you to stupid to understand what he said?
he has a budget!

(10/10/2004•12:07) A Beautiful, Realistic Sword! [edit]Shadow_Wolf 
i dont understand though how hes going to make it famous if he has a budget
but then again they are expensive

(05/18/2005•19:39) A Beautiful, Realistic Sword! [edit]zoro 
well this may sound stupid but look at toys r us good luck and hapy filiming

(07/31/2005•22:46) A Beautiful, Realistic Sword! [edit]the_hunter 
oh man if I cant feel your pain then what is that in my back, I am an independant film maker and have an idea, you take cardboard, cut out a design and cover it with foil, sure its old school but if you avoid crinkleing the foil then you actualy have something that looks right! or you could buy a plastic sword at the store and spray the blade with metalic finish, it looks nice and real, it may cost a bit to get the paint and sword, but probably would be best, besides if its a decent movie, you need decent props (flash gordan taght us that lesson)

(10/07/2005•22:45) A Beautiful, Realistic Sword! [edit]hocfocprod 
If you go the plastic sword route keep in mind the trick is in the details. First, use grey primer (about $1 at Wal-Mart) to put down a base, then use the chrome metallic or aluminum finish (about $3 at Wal-Mart) over that. Wrap the handle in a leather-like fabric ($10/YD at Joann's an a good day, less if you're really lucky and Halloween time is a good time to check them out.)

For the luxuriouis engravings think outside the box. Go to the auto parts store and get those cheesey car stickers. The black ones that are just random designs. OR use two coats of primer and three coats of silver paint and actually carve into the paint with a knife (don't cut yourself or the plastic).

While at Joan's check out the bedazzle type of stuff and the face jewels.

I wouldn't recommend a whole lot of well lit close ups, but it you light it from one side, or directly from the back and get a nice lense flare from the "jewels" or silver finish, you might be alright. Spirit Halloween stores have some nice wood and plastic weapons to start with. Plastic swords tend to be too thick and real ones are too dangerous. If there are any battle scenes, make two. Trust me on this.


(10/12/2005•16:31) need sword [edit]yoshi_blade 
ebays got lottsa cheap swords, dont know if they all goood though.

(10/21/2006•08:53) need sword [edit]One Man Centaur 
At the mall near my house there is a place at it that sells swords it is called Excallaber the name of the store.

They sell authentic LOTR, Midevil, and an excallaber replica

(07/16/2010•01:00) need sword [edit]SongBird 
If you are looking for some awesome Halloween accessories you should check out http://www.fancydressoutfitters.co.uk Halloween accessories and costumes for both men and women in all sizes are available there. I know they have some awesome swords there, I hope this helps you out.

(07/16/2010•01:00) need sword [edit]SongBird 

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