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(01/08/2001•16:04) Help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? [edit]Archive Message 
by Jenni Zialfaulistamann aka Jenni Z.

Hi, I'm starting to work on a special Halloween costume. It's rather intricate and complicated though. My idea is to make a COMPLETE suit of armor (or at least close to the real thing). I'm hoping to make it look authentic; but I can't figure out how to do this without trapping me in a huge glob. I'm also trying to find a material that is pretty lightweight. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE respond A.S.A.P. Thanx!!

, Jenni Zialfaulistamann

(01/10/2001•24:14) Help. [edit]Archive Message 
by Lord Bacodus

Here's a great website, but it's going to be difficult to contruct a costume using this method, but it will give you total control over the design of your costume without a high price and with light weight...


-Lord Bacodus

(01/18/2001•18:09) Jenni Z. [edit]Archive Message 
by Fox

I'm not too sure about this but out in our little world there's vacu-formed plastic. I know little about it but I do know that it's light weight. For some pictures of vacu-formed armor, go to these sites:




Wait, what am I saying, just buy one of the armors listed on those sites!


(10/06/2004•18:36) Jenni Z. [edit]Dox 
I didn't look at all of those sites, but last time we were making armor for a dark ages recreation society, we use cardboard. What we did was cut out all of the basic shapes, glue them and then tape the seams. Once that had dried well, we painted it all with metalic aluminum latex. If you get a nice smooth coat on there it will not only be light, waterproof, and flexable, but it'll look like metal. Good luck!

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