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(01/15/2001•09:28) Feathers...(Please read Ara) [edit]Archive Message 
by Lord Bacodus

Has anyone here worked with feathers before? If you have, please let me know what worked and what didn't work for you, I doing a MAJOR-League costume with tons of feathers, so I need to get as much info before I start as I can.

Ara- if you're still around, do you have any ideas for working with them? Even if you haven't worked with them before, I'd still hope that you'd give me some input...

-Lord Bacodus

(01/18/2001•17:52) I Can Help (Ara Isn't the ONLY Genius around here you know...) [edit]Archive Message 
by Fox

I HAVE worked with feathers before, So, I can help. Ok, here's my list of do's and don'ts:


NEVER glue the feathery part onto the costume, it just makes a huge mess and gets the feather messed up.

Don't buy fake colored feathers, the dye might just get off.

Don't put glue on top of the feathers, put it below the feathers. It'll look horrible.


Glue the stem of the feather onto the costume.

Dye it with permanent dye.

Ok, what else do you need, since I have NO idea what costume you're making. I can't give anymore advice. If you can post more details, I'd be glad to help.


(02/02/2001•18:04) oops [edit]Archive Message 
by Ara

Oh dear, sorry Bacodus, I didn't see your message when I checked this board last...

Hmm, well, when I made the wings for my monkey, the feathers I bought were VERY expensive, so what I did is I put down a base of pillow feathers (in other words, I cut up a pillow hehe) using the spray on glue... Then I just put the expensive feathers where I thought needed them. Oh, and if you use spray glue, try not to get any on yourself, because if you do, the result will be a lot like tarring and feathering

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