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(01/21/2001•08:26) Ara? Are You Still There? [edit]Archive Message 
by Jackal

Hi, I'm just wondering, on another message you posted, when you used poster board for the helmet, did it collapse from getting too soggy? When I used poster board a year ago, I gave up on making an helmet all together because the poster board and all that stuff fell in. I got pretty frustrated. If it did work with that poster board, how? I'm curious after my 'encounter' with that. Please respond.


(01/21/2001•08:31) Forgot Something. [edit]Archive Message 
by Jackal

The helmet you made with ice cream cartons, could you give more details on that. I'm planning to make one.



(01/23/2001•17:35) Helmet [edit]Archive Message 
by Ara

Well, when I used the poster board, I used the kind with the sorta shiny side on the outside, so I guess that helped, it never got soggy on me, but I also had quite a few strips weaving through the vertical ones.

Also, I kept it upside down most of the time, don't know if that made much of a difference...

Another idea I thought of but never tried, was to get one of those hardhats (either cheap halloween ones or I guess a real one if you really wanted to) and cut off the beak of it, and use that as a base... *shrugs*

Good luck

(01/23/2001•17:38) Untitled [edit]Archive Message 
by Ara

hmm, as for the ice cream one, I found it turned out a little too squarish along the top.. I could have fixed it, but halloween came up too fast

you could also try using chicken wire, that's what I used to make my winged monkey... don't know what it'll be like to wear, but it's light, and if you mache the inside as well, it should be ok

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