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(02/04/2001•13:19) Does Anyone Here Know About Papier Mache? [edit]Archive Message 
by Jackal

I'm hoping to make some type of papier mache shield/armor without cardboard. Maybe if the papier mache item is durable and won't rip, crack, or anything like that. If anyone knows anything about this, please respond.


(04/20/2001•16:19) Paper Mache [edit]Archive Message 
by Geek696

Paper mache is strong but messy and cracks if it is not supported well. I would not recommend making armor purely out of paper mache because it isn't flexible and it would crack. Plus if it got wet and it wasn't water coated it would return to newspaper or whatever you used. Use something more pliable like latex or something. In fact, you could base you latex mold out of paper mache. Latex is water, crack, and rip proof.

Plus latex is very bendable.

(10/06/2004•18:34) Paper Mache [edit]Dox 
I agree. That, or you would want to cut your basic shape out of something likc chicken wire. Form it into the basic shape you want and then have at it. Paint it and then deffinantly waterproof it with laquer or polyurithate. Just be careful because it will be VERY flammable.

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