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(03/25/2001•11:15) Coin-Mail?... [edit]Archive Message 
by Jackal


(10/14/2001•19:08) lorica segmenta [edit]Archive Message 
by scavenger

The best material is to use discarded vertical aluminum blinds, the type used for patio doors. They are naturally cupped, but when you bend them around your body they flatten out perfectly. Spray them with gold paint and used a pop riveter. I didn't use laces, I fastened it with Velcro strips, that way you can adjust depending on what you ate for supper.

I'm in the process of making a Roman soldiers helmut, but haven't decided on what to use for a base. I'm thinking of using a batting helmut. Does anyone have any suggestions?

(10/17/2001•18:17) Good Idea... [edit]Archive Message 
by PlaSm

The batting helmet thing is a good idea. Real good. I have a few suggestions: Why don't you get some leatherr, cardboard, or any type of hard material. Cut that into ear flaps (check out a pic of a helm to do that). Next, somehow hinge them on (maybe with velcro?) and spray paint the entire thing. If you have some type of tool, you can drill a hole on the top of the helmet. After that, it's just a matter of sticking large & colorful feathers into the hole. Secure that on by putting a nut on the top and nut on the bottom of the stem of the plume. And you have your helmet!

(06/27/2003•14:33) Good Idea... [edit]ancient ancester 
i think its a good idea with the coinmail.
but i need to know about how many pennies would you use?

(07/11/2003•02:22) lorica segmenta [edit]kman 
for the base of the roman helmet u could use a construction worker helmet.

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