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(08/24/2001•23:58) OUR ARMOUR! [edit]Archive Message 

Our armour puts your armour to shame. Have you ever made a helmet without paper mache? That crap takes really long. We make it with straight out cardboard and Duct tape, were men! We also made Leg Greaves, Thigh protection, sheaths, groin armour, foot gaurds, chest and waist and back armour, Helmets, Twin gauntlets, And bicep guards. The only diffrence is, we USE our armour for its purpose. We fight using wooden weapons, clubs, spears, and swords. We developed a game to play also, and we use it that the chest is a kill, the back is a kill, if you are hit in an arm you cant use that arm (if the strike doesnt hit armour) and same for legs. Our game kicks butt. We put our armour to use, we trust it, repair it, and enhance it. The threat of the other people and their technology with their armour keeps us building on our armour so we always have the best possible. We have a digital camera, with which we can send pictures of us in full armour, which rules youre junky stuff. Do you think your sheild or armor could withstand a full strike from a hockey stick or shovel handel? I THINK NOT. Our armour is better and flashier and you know it. WE ALSO GET CHICKS.


PS: www.sca.com they do what we do to.

(10/02/2001•19:28) Request. [edit]Archive Message 
by ChaSm

Can I please see a pic of you guys in 'full armor'? Just curious.

(11/24/2001•20:59) Ok. [edit]Archive Message 

Well get one.

(09/12/2004•09:33) ARMOR [edit]PK 
I am attempting to make my son a Samurai Warrior costume, based on the movie The Last Samurai. Can you please send info on the armor that you created.


(10/20/2004•10:23) ARMOR [edit]chent 
My son needed a costume for their "Medieval Day" at school. Most of the kids bought their costumes, but I made his.

Here's my website on how I made the costume:


(07/13/2005•18:04) ARMOR [edit]zoro 
chent very inventive im impresed u could have used football pads for the sholder pads

(09/22/2005•16:11) ARMOR [edit]aelburr 
...except in the SCA most of the armor is steel and the weapons are full weight.

Cool looking costume armor, though. Liked the paintjob particularly.

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