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(09/07/1998•04:13) ROC on Xena Costume [edit]Archive Message 

you constructed the best site for those who wish to be Xena this Halloween. Please battle on and have fun.


(09/10/1998•23:23) Thanks & Gabrielle requests [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

Thanks for your comments. Of course, anyone who wants to be Xena this Halloween better start now unless you have kick-ass sewing equipment. (Remember, took me 2 weeks just for the skirt.)

The second part of my message is about Gabrielle. I had a message today asking about a pattern for Gabrielle's outfit. Actually, it was the 3rd or 4th message I've had so I decided to take a quick look at some of Gab's pics to see what I can contribute.

First, like Xena, Gabrielle has changed her outfit a time or two so I'll concentrate on the latest (which is the most recognizable). If you cut it down to the absolute basics, she's wearing a green top (sports bra/tank top mix?) and a mid-length brown skirt.

If you had all the time in the world, I'd recommend knitting the top yourself -- that would produce the closest result to the criss-cross pattern in the dark green area. The expedient way would be to find something that looks pretty close to the general shape and design -- then find fabric that looks close enough and sew it on. Add large netting material, fake laces to the front and good enough for one night of display.

The brown skirt will probably have to be made yourself as my limited experience in shopping for/with women is that it will hard locating that color. Luckily, you should have no problems finding a pattern that looks close.

Anyone else like to add some thoughts?

(10/31/1998•14:38) Gabrielle Costume... [edit]Archive Message 
by Erika Swanson

I'm 14 years old I watch the show Xena Warrior Princess. I looked everywhere for a Xena Costume for Halloween and I couldn't find one. It was 4 days till Halloween so I knew that I couldn't make a Xena costume in that little of time so I decided to make a Gabrielle costume. It took me 3 days to make it and it turned out pretty good considering that I have never sewed before the costume. And I don't have a sewing machien. It is acctually pretty easy... And it can be fun.

(12/20/1998•17:07) how did you do it [edit]Archive Message 
by okiebill47

I have a daughter abou 10 she loves Gab on xena and every Time I tried to make a Gab costume it turned out wrong i used a dark green sweat shirt inside out and an old brown jacket

and sewed till her size i evan through in a staff but it tuned out wrong can you help me???

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