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(09/10/1998•02:35) Need ideas on Zombie Costume [edit]Archive Message 
by Lauren

Hi , i need some help/ideas from anyone that wants to help me! I've decided to be a zombie for halloween , (i've also recruited my parents and best friends) and we're wondering what to USE for costumes...lol they have to be rotting off our bodies. any ideas? i've thought about having bleck eat the fabric and using sandpaper to make it thin but....need ideas! thank you ,


(09/10/1998•23:31) This will depend on your tolerance level but... [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

If you not only want the look but the smell, get the clothes you plan to wear, rip it up a few times and bury it in your backyard. Make sure it's rich, fertilized soil. That'll make it seem like you just dug yourself out of your grave. In addition, use clothes with a lot of texture that can retain soil instead of having it fall off after a bit of wearing. (Heck, keep a bag of fertilizer with you to refresh yourselves.)

Having earthworms, snails and similar squiggling in and out of pockets of soil in your clothes would make a nice impression also.

But like the header says...completely dependent on how much you can tolerate.

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