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(10/01/1998•03:27) Call for simpler costumes [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

I had an e-mail or two asking for suggestions for more simpler costumes. Not everybody has a few months to spend making an outfit you wear one day out of 365.25 -- and unfortunately, I'm suffering from this syndrome this year.

Off the top of my head, I can think of some quick things to do with boxes and containers. If you can find a box big enough, cut some arm/leg/head holes and you can paint it to look like everything from a rubix cube to a TV set. (A *boob* tube might be a hit depending on the area of town you will be partying at.) With a large cylindrical containers, you can be a 'garbage man' or a large battery. (Heh...if long enough, paint it like a cigar.) With a smaller cylinder -- cut it in half, attach it to your back, wear pink ears and you're the Energizer Bunny.

So if anybody has ideas on simple costumes, especially stuff that doesn't need sewing, I'm sure people would appreciate hearing about it.

(06/24/1999•20:23) 'Roadkill' costume [edit]Archive Message 
by Maura

Not my idea, but...

Use a white t shirt and some black paint. Put the paint either on the treads of a spare tire or on your car tires and run over the t shirt once or twice to get the tire marks on the shirt. Then splash on red paint or fake blood and add as many gruesome, gory make-up effects as you can stand.

(10/28/1999•10:51) Easy Costume [edit]Archive Message 
by Chuck Tucker

Try this...take a white t-shirt and a package of the small individual cereal packages. Glue the small cereal bowes all over the shirt front and back. After the glue has set, drive plastic knives or forks into the boxes. Then if anyone asks just tell them that you are a 'Serial killer'

(10/30/2002•17:50) Re: 'Roadkill' costume [edit]Archive Message 
by shelly ast

You know what you could do for raod kill ? Get a black shirt and draw white lines down it like a road then staple a chicken on it . and then paint red on it for raod kill !

Shelly Ast

(05/19/2003•13:24) quick costumes [edit]kman 
get a trench coat and one of those cameras that have one of those remotes that can set them off without pressing the button on the camera. set up the camera so it can hang off ur neck and that its under the trench coat . then go up to people quickly open ur trench coat and set of the flash on the camera and say " im a flasher"

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(11/29/2012•12:23) How To Put on Uggs [edit]Essevesounk 
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