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(10/11/1998•21:54) KISS Rock Band Costume [edit]Archive Message 
by fraz

Can any one give me any information on the construction of the costumes for the band members of the rock group KISS. FULL MAKE UP!



(10/15/1998•14:44) I'd say find a board/newgroup where there are makeup experts [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

Once you have that, throw on some leather clothes, carry a guitar around and you're set.

(01/31/2000•19:35) KISS costumes [edit]Archive Message 
by Chris

If you find out where I can get KISS costumes made - please let me know - Want a Gene Simmons Love Gun costume.


(06/22/2002•12:32) kiss costumes [edit]Archive Message 
by james

just wondering if you had any luck finding kiss costumes? i am trying to search myself and haven't had any luck. so if you have any info. i would appreciate it! you can write to me at JAMIE@wpcs.net

(07/21/2002•21:46) Need a Gene to play Bass [edit]Archive Message 
by Troy Miley

Get back with me i have a costume alredy.

(08/08/2002•24:05) KISS Costumes [edit]Archive Message 
by Robert Hankel

Anyone know where to get KISS (the rock group)

costumes? Not masks, just the suits.

(09/04/2002•17:31) kiss fan [edit]Archive Message 
by glenn

i can look like gene but cant play bass but can learn fast oh yea have i have a four ins tongue

(09/12/2002•20:02) I NEED A KISS (1970'S ROCK BAND) COSTUME! [edit]Archive Message 




(09/17/2002•20:59) Gene Destroyer costume. [edit]Archive Message 
by Mike The Ace

If you are still looking for a Gene Simmons costume I know of a lady who makes costumes, she made me a Ace Frehley Love Gun costume and it looks so much like the real thing you would think that is was the real thing. Just to let you know that the Gene Destroyer costume is a hard one to make his Love Gun one is much simplier to make. A friend of mine had a Destroyer one made and he spent around $10,000 to have it done. Mind you that this thing looks better then Gene's real one! Let me know if you are still looking. Rock on. KISS rules. Mike The Ace

(09/17/2002•21:01) KISS costumes [edit]Archive Message 
by Mike The Ace

I know a lady who makes costumes she made me my Ace Frehley costumes. Let me know if you are still looking for them and I will give you her number. Rock on. Mike The Ace.

(09/17/2002•21:03) KISS costumes [edit]Archive Message 
by Mike The Ace

I know a lady who makes costumes, she made me my Ace Frehley costumes and they look like the real thing. Let me know if you are still looking for them. Rock on. Mike The Ace.

(09/25/2002•09:07) Any luck with Gene costume? [edit]Archive Message 
by bruce

Have you had any luck getting any tips about finding or putting together a good Gene Simmons costume (within reason on cost)? Would love to get some tips.

(10/10/2002•18:58) Kiss Costume [edit]Archive Message 
by Karen

I would like to know the lady who made your KISS costume. Please email to the above address.


(10/23/2002•17:37) My sons going to be Gene Simmons [edit]Archive Message 
by rainie

I went to hotbot.com typed in kiss costumes

I got a lot of ideas from these sites.

(08/06/2004•22:56) help me [edit]kiss_babe 
hi my name is linda and im having a problem .... well me and my dada are going to a kiss concery yomarrow and i wanna wear the make up like gene ??? can some one send me some to direct me to make it perfect???? email me at lindalikeskyle@yahoo.com....thanks


(10/05/2004•19:14) help me [edit]Noahcat 
MY friend made his KISS costume a few years ago. I remember that he used an old car sun shade (The silver mylar/reflective type for your windshield) He cut it apart and made shoe/boot covers and shoulder pieces. VERY COOL!
To outline your face before you fill-in, try using a waterproof eyeliner pen. It wont smudge as easily when you fill-in the colors. Take it off with cold cream.

(10/10/2004•02:26) i need to find a gene simmons costume. [edit]mtllcslayer666 
Hey man i really needa Gene Simmons costume or the mask can anyone tell me what store to get it or where i could get it made thanx.

(10/10/2004•06:32) i need to find a gene simmons costume. [edit]Shadow_Wolf 
well i know where u can find somethin like that ... u just need makeup. Spencers gifts has good halloween masks and one of them called Wazzup is like a scream guy you just need skin color.

(10/09/2005•20:44) i need to find a gene simmons costume. [edit]kissarmyfan 
I have a full Gene Simmons costume I bought from a costume shop a few years back, It is from the Desrtoyer era, full mask with tongue hanging out, shoulder pads, dragon boot skins, studded crotch... If you are interested contaact me at RICHARD13@comcast.net. I will try to get some pics together for you.

(03/20/2006•08:36) i need to find a gene simmons costume. [edit]C&S Custom Costumes 
LOOKING FOR GENE SIMMONS? We make custom costumes ranging from over-sized creatures to KISS.
All costumes are hand made to order, this results in a custom fit to your measurements.
We have pictures of our awardwinning Gene Simmons Destroyer.
If interested, send us an E-mail, and we'll send you pics. We can create any costume, any year to fit you.

(02/13/2007•15:44) i need to find a gene simmons costume. [edit]thedemon 
KISS fans,

I would love to find a Gene Simmons costume pattern. I would love the pattern from the VH 1 Honors concert. I love that costume. Someone please help

(10/08/2007•16:48) i need to find a gene simmons costume. [edit]loganallensmith 
only 13...but I would try at a store like "Hot topic, New wave, or Spencers"

(10/25/2007•11:54) i need to find a gene simmons costume. [edit]loganallensmith 
If I was in your posistion I would just make one. This site helped me alot;http://www.familyeducation.com

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